Friday 30 March 2012

Jets land, Winnipeg takes off.

When the Jets came back, Winnipeg didn’t just get a hockey team, but more so an economical jump-start.  Over the years Winnipeg’s economy has steadily been increasing, slowly, but steadily. It’s not that we don’t possess the characteristics and charisma of a major city; we just didn’t have the capital or investors, until now.

Since the Jets have come back to Winnipeg, we have seen growth in all major sectors of our economy. From retail to the real estate market, people are buying in Winnipeg as well as buying into Winnipeg.

Downtown Winnipeg alone is a definitive example of our potential for growth. With True North Sports & Entertainment paving the way with new restaurants, stores, and hotels, other investors will surely follow. I can tell you personally the team has had extremely positive effects for us at Madison Financial Services Inc.

If this little social experiment has taught us anything, it’s the positive effect of a sports team on the unity of a community but most importantly to never underestimate the purchasing power of the middle class. In seventeen minutes the Jets sold 13 000 tickets at a five year commitment. The people of Winnipeg have money; they just needed a viable reason to spend it.

So the question is, what will the future hold? Will the Jets become a serious playoff contender, will Portage Place rise from the ashes, and will Mark Chipman replace the golden boy atop the legislative building? Only time will tell, until then let’s just sit back and watch our little city get back on the map.