Friday 8 June 2012

Pricey at the Pump?

Heading into the summer season, Winnipeggers are again set to engage in one of their favourite summer past times: Jumping into the car and getting out of town! For the majority of the city, this clearly means heading out to the lake, while for others, this simply means packing up some gear and heading out on an adventure. Road trips, camping trips, canoe trips, trips to Steinbach... We're an adventurous bunch, and we rely on our vehicles to get us to our destination.

We stop off at the gas station to.. Whaaat? - Is that the price of gas?! Winnipeg pumps continue to spend time up in the 120's, and while we're still a few cents short of the national average of 125.6, the hit to the wallet still hurts! Regardless, we're a resilient bunch and will gladly continue about our summer lifestyles, enjoying the sun and good times with the family. Here's some simple methods and tactics you might be interested in to help reduce fuel consumption and save some gas.

Become a Carpool Champion - Six people in two vehicles? Get all your friends together and take the mini-van!
Find Lower Gas Prices - Don't be afraid to tap into your inner "Bargain Buyer", the website listed below is great for tracking city prices at the pump.
Purchase a New Car - Counter-intuitive yes, but maybe it's time. Think smaller car, diesel engine, manual transmission, fuel efficiency.
Drive Less - Going somewhere close by? Consider walking or taking the bike.
Check Tire Pressure - Over/under-inflated tires aren't good to drive on, and low tires cause fuel-consuming drag. Maintain correct pressure!
Don't Idle - If you're going to idle for more than a minute, then it saves to turn off your vehicle and restart when you're ready.
Drive Slow and Steady - Driving slower uses less gas.
Easy on the A/C - Using A/C only when necessary will help save fuel.
Windows Up - Especially at higher speeds, windows-down causes lots of extra drag.
Be a Shady Parker - Parking in the shade will reduce gasoline evaporation from your tank.
Easy Acceleration - If you can spare the Days of Thunder rush from 0 - 50km/h, you'll save gas.
Going to/from work - Leaving earlier/later will avoid traffic saving 10-15 mins and all that gas.
Becomes friends with Inertia - Good drivers brake far less than ones who are constantly accelerating and braking. Roll up to stop signs, anticipate lights and rely less on constant braking.
Regular Service - Maintain your car regularly including scheduled oil changes, correct oil grade, changing air filter, rotating tires.

When in doubt, just get over to

Enjoy your summer!